Papillon 911 Rescue and Adoption, Inc.
Marietta, GA 30067-7150
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BB, the puppy, is a symbol of the hundreds of puppy mill dogs we have brought out of a dark forgotten place to live the rest of their lives in the sun. BB is a symbol of the thousands still waiting to be free. BB is the reminder that all puppies should be wanted, cherished, and loved.


Oreo, just a youngster when he was referred to Pap 911 Rescue by a local veterinarian, has become the symbol of our determination to do whatever it takes to heal and restore the health of our best friends. As a Rescue, we have seen injuries and diseases many vets have never had an opportunity to see. Mangled bodies have found comfort and healing with Pap 911 Rescue. Diseases dismissed by others as incurable or too expensive to be treated have been restored to health or held close with love until their time comes to cross the Rainbow Bridge.


Oliver, our beautiful red sable adult Papillon, came to Pap 911 Rescue following the death of his owner. Described as aggressive by the owner’s daughter who had a young family of her own, Oliver arrived at Pap 911 Rescue with a terrible allergy, despondent, and definitely reactive. His response to frustration was to bite rather than withdraw. Pap 911 Rescue diagnosed and addressed the allergies. Now his coat is flowing and beautiful. We filled his heart with love so that he thinks before he reacts. But Oliver will never be safe around children or inexperienced adults. We hope someday he will find a home with a calm dog savvy person. If he does not, then Oliver will stay here at the Dog House, loved, protected, and free to run and play with his buddies.


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Your generous donations make it possible for us to help more Papillons in need of forever homes. 

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