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I Love Them

by Herb Coburn


There's springs in my floor.

   I see them at night.

Each time I come home,

   my two dogs take flight.

They jump and they whirl.

   My boys want a girl.


I Love Them


They follow me 'round,

   wherever I go.

They're stuck to my feet,

   like a piece of Velcro.

I can't shake them loose;

   like mud on my boots.


I Love Them


When they first came here,

   they were frightened to death.

They hid in their crates

   and ne'er took a breath.

But look at them now,

   as they tear through the house.


I Love Them


My heart says it's time.

   There's room for one more.

I can't stand to look

   at the space by my door.

If you can see past it,

   would you send a basket


Of Love Ma'am!


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