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Top 10 Reasons Why NOT to
Own a Papillon!
by Deborah Wood

We all love Papillons, but know that they are NOT for everyone. Here are my 10 real reasons not to own a Papillon:

1.  They are "verbally gifted." You have to be willing to put up with a lot of barking or work with your dog diligently.

2.  Many are not lap dogs. They look like lap dogs, but many are like little, tiny Border Collies and would rather jump and run than cuddle.

3.  Many are very hard to housebreak.

4.  Many males, especially unneutered ones, tend to "mark." Deal with the problem early and with diligence, or learn to live with belly bands.

5.  Although Papillons are among the healthiest and longest-lived breeds, there are some health concerns to check out. All breeding dogs should be checked for PRA. A fairly common problem in the breed is luxating patellas.

6.  With rare exception, Papillons aren't a good combination with small children. They break.

7.  Papillons usually aren't a good combination with larger dogs. They break.

8.  Most Papillons are very dependent. If you want an independent dog, don't get a Papillon. If you want a dog that follows you every where, including to the bathroom, it might work out.

9.  Papillons are beginning to appear in puppy mills. Fortunately, most Papillon breeders are excellent and have a great love of the breed. However, it's important to check out the breeder and make sure that you are dealing with someone reputable. Never consider getting a Papillon from a pet store, where they are increasingly common.

10. Papillons are intense. They are highly intelligent and trainable. They are also sensitive, and some are shy. They will notice the smallest change in the environment, and bark an alert. They will jump 4 feet in the air if you look at their leash. They climb out of ex-pens and open cabinets. They get bored and throw their toys in your face until you play.

If you want an intelligent, portable, intense, dependent, busy, trainable toy dog, a Papillon just might be the right dog for you. If you want a quiet lap dog who is a couch potato, if you want a small children's pet, if you want a dog who doesn't care if you raise your voice -- you probably want a different breed.

Deborah Wood (author of "Little Dogs: Training Your Pint-Sized Companion," "Help for Your Shy Dog" and "The New Owner's Guide to Papillons."


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