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~ Sanctuary Ba'cho (in GA)'s Web Page

Papillon / Terrier / Mixed  : :  Male (neutered)  : :  Adult  : :  Small

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Learn more about the Papillon.

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Most of our Papillons are adopted as close as possible to their foster homes. Each foster parent gives their heart and love to the butterflies in their care and it is hard to part with them. If you are interested in a Papillon that is not in your home state, you may still send an application, however, every effort is first made to place the dogs within a reasonable distance. We require that the applicant is willing to come to the home to meet the dog and to be sure the match is a good one.

While not all homes are suitable for the physically and emotionally fragile dogs that come into our rescue, we tend to have more people willing to rescue our Papillons than we have dogs available. We are grateful for the kindness of so many people. There may be a delay in finding the right dog for you, and each application is carefully scrutinized. It may take 2 weeks or more before you hear from someone in our  volunteer organization.

Our adoption guidelines are stated preceeding the application page. Please read them carefully.  Any transportation expenses are the full responsibility of the adopter. Suggested adoption donation:
For healthy dogs up to two years of age: $350-$450
For healthy dogs between the ages of two and six:$ 250-$350
For healthy dogs between the ages of six and nine: $150-$250
Geriatric or "special needs" dogs: donation is set on a case-by-case basis

Not all our Papillons are listed on the webpage. 

About ~ Sanctuary Ba'cho (in GA)

  • Status: Available for Sponsorship
  • Species: Dog
  • Color: Tri Color - White with Blk and Tan
  • Current Size: 12 Pounds
  • Current Age: 7 Years (best estimate)
Ba'cho means "little Wolf" named for his light brown eyes. They make him look wild and fierce and that is exactly what he appears to be. He has a furious bark - enough to scare away any intruder.

Ba'cho was picked up running up and down the highway in north GA. A very caring woman finally was able to catch him by throwing a towel over him. Although she tried everything to find his owner, no one came forward. A friend recommended rescue and a representative of Pap 911 went and brought him home to the Dog House.

Ba'cho probably needs to be the 'only child' of a pretty dog savy family.
He is definitely dominant and will not tolerate another dog challenging him. He obviously never learned how to play in a litter. He plays too rough and then the other dog moves away  or becomes defensive. I think there is some terrier in his background, because a shrill scream or shreik will cause him to attack. On the other hand, there are many dogs at the Dog House that he plays well with. These would be pretty balanced dogs that don't 'take the bait' of his roughness.

People are another matter. He will go into full alert if he feels someone might be a threat. But if the guest is still or ignores him, he jumps on their lap and turns  on his back to have his tummy rubbed.

Ba'cho is the sweetest cuddler laying his head into your chest like a baby. He loves to sleep beside you. He learns very quickly and is very smart.

Because of his unacceptable behavior with some other dogs and our discomfort that it may carry over to humans someday, Ba'cho has spent training time at US Canine for special training for control. This is a specialty training facility that work deeply with dogs to help them become balanced members of a family. This training helped him - but confirms the need for a strong handler.
He also spent time in a foster home with a pack of well balanced dogs and he would occaisional push one of the others beyond playing. He is young, between 2-3 and we think he has one of those untrained teenage boy type of personalities. He loses control too easily. We are determined that he will grow out of this.  But for now a very savvy dog person is necessary.

You can see how unique we feel Ba'cho is. We all love him so much that I have been ready to keep him here at the Dog House forever. I know we can handle him . But after a lot of deep thought and consideration, we know that Ba'cho deserves a home of his own where he is the light of someone's life. He will make you laugh, and probably make you cry. But he will give you such adoration that it makes the extra work worth while. The more exersice he has, the better he behaves.

Ba'cho must have a well fenced yard. Because of his quick "fuse" he should not be in a home with children. He is leash trained, crate trained and gives some effort to be house trained. You just have to remember to take him out! 

We plan to be VERY careful about who gets to add Ba'cho to their family. Visits will need to be made, so the applicant must be within traveling distance of Marietta GA.

More about ~ Sanctuary Ba'cho (in GA)

Is Not Good with Kids

Special Needs: Ba'cho is hypothyroid and takes an inexpensive pill morning and night.

Other Pictures of ~ Sanctuary Ba'cho (in GA) (click to see larger version):

~ Sanctuary Ba'cho (in GA) ~ Sanctuary Ba'cho (in GA) ~ Sanctuary Ba'cho (in GA) ~ Sanctuary Ba'cho (in GA)
~ Sanctuary Ba'cho (in GA)


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