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In August, 2008, Willoughby was left at a vets office in WI with 2 badly broken legs. When the call went out for a rescue that would save him, Pap  911 stepped up. Costly surgery was made possible by volunteers working on fundraisers all over the country. From donation jars to Halloween parties, the money was raised so this handsome boy could run and play again.
Willoughby 1
Just last week, a happy healthy Willoughby went home to his new family and it is exactly where he belongs.
Willoughby 2
Zouri Joy!
Coming straight out of a puppy mill to a MO vets office, this tiny lady endured being spayed, having mammary tumors removed and her teeth pulled. Then filled with vaccines, she was put on a transport across MO less than 10 hours after surgery. Met in St Louis by loving arms, she was named Zouri Joy.
Zouri Joy 1
Months of love and care later, Zouri Joy made another long trip - this time in an airplane to her new forever home. Today, she is the adored Princess Zouri Joy. 
Zouri Joy 2
When Nancy got out of the puppy mill, the deep sadness in her eyes made her our poster dog in 2004.!
Nancy 1
Today in 2008, Nancy -now Gin Gin is a very loved Butterfly Fairy with her family this Halloween.
Nancy 2
Lokie came into rescue in March 2008 when a mill breeder was culling some of her older stock of males and females. The fear in her eyes spoke volumes and she had never felt human kindness.
Lokie 3-3-08
Six months later Lokie is in her forever home looking so much healthier and so much happier.
Lokie 11-23-08


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