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Why Do You Want a Dog?

This is the most important question. A dog is a thinking, feeling being, with likes, dislikes, opinions, and desires. Contrary to popular thinking, a dog will not love unconditionally. Because of needs and inbred traits, a dog might forgive you endlessly, but won't be happy to live as a living toy. A dog needs a purpose and a job, a reason for being. Dogs are hairy perpetual toddlers. If you don't like children, you won't like having a dog. They pester, they pout, they beg, and they connive.

Dogs need and flower under structure. They don't just form relationships, they form bonds. This bond will not end if you marry. A dog is not easily transferred to a new home. If you tire of him and turn him in for rehoming, the dog will grieve the bond for a while. He will adapt, but he will grieve. To see if you really want a dog in your life, foster one for your local rescue league for a while. See what it really means to live with a dog.

"None left to rescue, none left to buy,
None left to suffer, none left to die.
None to be beaten, none to be kicked.
All must be loved and
All must be fixed." 


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Your generous donations make it possible for us to help more Papillons in need of forever homes. 

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