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Faith (in VA)
Faith (in VA)
Status: Sponsorship
Breed: Papillon (medium coat)
Species/Sex: Dog/Female

Description: Faith is a Chi Mix or possibly a full Chi. She is a cute little cobby girl that is only interested in one person. That is it, one person for her. She can handle other small animals as long as they do not try to share her doggy bed. It is best she eat in a crate she can be food aggressive. She was du... Click for more information...

~ Sanctuary Annabelle (VA)
~ Sanctuary Annabelle (VA)
Status: Sponsorship
Breed: Papillon
Species/Sex: Dog/Female

Description: I am the loveable and friendly phallene Annabelle. Annabelle arrived to us from the country either dumped at the animal shelter or dumped in the country, a no longer needed breeder but a sweet sweet girl.  She arrived with worn teeth, almost blind but a mothering nature and you could tell ... Click for more information...

~ Sanctuary Ba'cho (in GA)
~ Sanctuary Ba'cho (in GA)
Status: Sponsorship
Breed: Papillon / Terrier / Mixed
Species/Sex: Dog/Male

Description: Ba'cho means "little Wolf" named for his light brown eyes. They make him look wild and fierce and that is exactly what he appears to be. He has a furious bark - enough to scare away any intruder. Ba'cho was picked up running up and down the highway in north GA. A very caring woman finally was able t... Click for more information...

~ Sanctuary Beau  (In GA)
~ Sanctuary Beau (In GA)
Status: Sponsorship
Breed: Papillon
Species/Sex: Dog/Male

Description: Beau is the sweetest boy! He loves to cuddle and stay near his human. He is eager to please and learns commands quickly. He will need some review on house training and leash walking - but his biggest need is to have a person to really pay attention to him.Beau must have had a very scary puppy life b... Click for more information...

~ Sanctuary Dixie age12  (in GA)
~ Sanctuary Dixie age12 (in GA)
Status: Sponsorship
Breed: Papillon / Mixed
Species/Sex: Dog/Female

Description: Dixie is full of energy and needs to have a family who loves to spend time with her. She does not really do well with competition! So it would be best if there are no other pets unless they are laid back and will let her be dominant. Dixie is very loving and very protective so her human needs to be ... Click for more information...


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