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Renal Failure in Toy Breeds

I found out some interesting facts today at the nephrologist.

1. Papillon’s as a breed are prone to renal failure -- toy breeds in general -- but also by breeding.

2. If the BUN is elevated in Papillon’s, Maltese, and I believe he said Shih Tzu's, there is a mathematical equation to use to figure out their "real" creatinine level which is what they use to signal renal failure.  It is:

The BUN/Creatinine ratio (so BUN divided by creatinine), divided by 16.67 x 1.8.

The 1.8 accounts for their small body and less body fat than a "normal" dog.  The answer to the equation reflects the "real" creatinine level.  In Mopsy's case, in Michigan, she was 4.6 up from 2.6 in June.  They don't always use this equation, if the BUN/Creatinine ratio is in the 20s (though Dr. Thornhill does).

3. These dogs should get Lactated Ringers, not Normisol, which most vets like to use because they usually are losing calcium, and Normisol will not replace it.

4. If put on Azodyl, which is new in the last year, the capsule must be given whole and helps the small intestine to act as a dialysis membrane to promote toxin exchange in the bowel so it doesn't build up in the blood.

These are some facts that might help, if anyone else has a Pap in or goes into renal failure.  Only the nephrologist appears to have known this, not any vets (and I have seen a few, lately!) I saw knew any of these bits of info.  I learned a lot today, and I'll share all of this with my general vet!

Lori, IL and Mopsy


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