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Papillon 911 Rescue And Adoption Inc

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Papillon 911 Rescue and Adoption, Inc.
Who We Are
Papillon 911 Rescue and Adoption, Inc. (or Pap 911) is a charitable         organization created to rescue Papillons and Papillon mixes nationwide. We supply food, shelter, and loving attention plus medical and dental care to all Papillons in need, and will rescue and shelter any Papillon or Papillon mix abandoned in a kill shelter or accept one from an own who is unable to care for their dog.
We especially focus our attention on locating and rescuing from a life of horror those dogs used as breeders in puppy mills. We participate in the rescue and placement of Papillons who are culled from the puppy mills or purchased at puppy mill auctions, no matter what their health or age.

We were incorporated as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation in April, 2004. As of July 2010, we have rescued 551 dogs. Of that number, 478 dogs have been placed in permanent homes, and more have definite adoptions pending. We are proud to have over 15 special Papillons in our sanctuary program. They will be safe and loved forever.

Every dog in Pap 911 Rescue is under the care of a veterinarian and is being socialized by a loving foster home. All are receiving dental treatment and have spay or neuter schedules.

Although we have been active for just 6 years, we now have over 100 members and many outside supporters. Our passion and love for these gentle tiny companion animals is persuading people daily to take a second look at the misery caused by commercial breeding that holds these dogs in wire pens their entire lives.

Our goal continues to be to save every Papillon and free them to enjoy the life they were meant to have… one dog at a time…              

Until there are none.


We Begin: Watch Out Millers,

Here We Come!

(This article was written by Pap 911's founder, Lyn McLaughlin, and describes Pap 911's first efforts to rescue Papillons from fates as puppy mill breeders)

Saturday turned out to be such a perfect day, we couldn't wait to share it with you. Jeanne Morris and I had spent all week talking about the mill auction coming up on Saturday. She was eager to get started setting up a new type of rescue group, one that is focused on putting puppy mills out of business, on getting our precious butterflies out of the hands of the millers, and is proud to talk about it out loud. I confess to dragging my feet. I thought it would be better to wait until Fall. I argued that we could use the summer to get organized and the prices would be lower in September. She responded that she simply did not have the time to wait. That ended the discussion!

As the week progressed we had made only one decision -- that we should send our bidder to the auction in Eldon, MO, where there were 12 tiny females and 2 males that were going on the auction block. Their futures very dim, they were slated to go from one miller to another. Yes! They would go into more and probably even worse abuse. We hadn't even decided on a name for our organization yet! (We met our CPA on the following Monday.) But we wanted to get started. We talked back and forth. All was GO! GO! GO! except for transportation from the auction site to St Louis, where we could move them toward home and safety.

By Friday night we were pretty depressed, and it looked like we would have to call the whole thing off. Our bidder was sitting in Kansas City, ready to go. About 7:00 p.m., Jeanne got an answer to one of several emails she had sent out. She had a name! Not just anyone -- but a VET! Not just any vet, but one in the heart of the Missouri puppy mill country. And what's more, a vet that has Papillons of her own!

I called the veterinary clinic. As soon as I told the receptionist who I was and why I was calling, I was put through to Dr. Deanna immediately. I briefly outlined what we hoped to do. Her response was amazing, "Thank God! Finally!"

Suddenly I knew things were going to be okay! We were able to talk only briefly, but Dr. Deanna agreed to take in any Papillons we could get to her. She would board them and treat them any way necessary.

As soon as we could, we reached our secret bidder. Oh Dear! Now she was headed for a different auction. Thinking we couldn't find transportation, she agreed to go to a smaller auction in Cabool, MO, another breed Rescue group. Well, okay! There are Paps there too, we said. Go for it!

When I called Dr. Deanna back about the change in plans, another miracle occurred. She called someone she knew who quickly agreed to represent us at the Eldon auction, too. This was the one we had originally planned to go to.

I turned both sales over to Jeanne, who had her hands full for the rest of the day. Excited calls flew back and forth across the country. Paps were described and prices discussed. Then all of a sudden the first auction in Cabool was over and we had 4 new babies on their way to safety.

With almost no time for celebration, Jeanne turned her attention to the second auction in Eldon. Bidding was brisk and prices were high, but when it was over, I got another joyous phone call -- 4 more Paps were ours!

By Saturday night, 8 Papillons whose destiny was unthinkable just that morning were safe in the warmth of the veterinary clinic and as soon as they can safely travel, they will be coming home!

Jeanne and I are asking each of you all over the country who feel as we do to speak up! Join us! Together we can save our precious breed. Yes, I believe we CAN save every dog. We are just going to do it one dog at a time. If you are already working with a rescue group, we want to urge you to continue, but join us too. We will not ever have a conflict of interest with any other Papillon Rescue group. Our focus will be mill dog auction rescue. Sure, we'll help every Pap that needs us! None will ever be turned away, no matter what age or health. But our work and fundraising will be focused on one goal: the Papillons in the abominable puppy mills. To succeed, we need volunteers for transport, fostering, and fundraising. Can we count on you?


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Your generous donations make it possible for us to help more Papillons in need of forever homes. 

Thank you for your help

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