Papillon 911 Rescue and Adoption, Inc.
PO Box 682225 Marietta, GA 30068-0038
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Papillon 911 Rescue And Adoption Inc

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Animal List

Name Species/Breed Sex Picture
Arley (in TX) Dog - Papillon / American Eskimo Dog / Mixed (medium coat) Male
Alexi (in FL) Dog - Papillon Female
Bonnie (Fl) Dog - Papillon (medium coat) Female
Jack (in FL) Dog - Papillon Male
Lacey (in VA) Dog - Papillon Female
Lexus (TN) Dog - Papillon Female
Marvel (in VA) Dog - Papillon Female
Merlin (in GA) Dog - Papillon Male
Noah (FL) Dog - Papillon / Chihuahua Male
Pippi Short Stocking(TX) Dog - Papillon / Dachshund / Mixed (medium coat) Female
Redford (in GA) Dog - Papillon Male
Renny (in FL) Dog - Papillon (long coat) Male
Sam (in GA) Dog - Papillon Male
Turbo (in GA) Dog - Papillon Male
~ Sanctuary Annabelle (VA) Dog - Papillon Female
~ Sanctuary Martha (in GA) Dog - Papillon / Italian Greyhound / Mixed Female
~ Sanctuary Speed Racer (in GA) Dog - Papillon Male
~ Sanctuary Tiva (GA) Dog - Papillon Female
~Sanctuary Barney (GA) Dog - Papillon Male
~Sanctuary Franchesca (GA) Dog - Papillon Female
~Sanctuary Furby (GA) Dog - Papillon Female
~Sanctuary Oliver(GA) Dog - Papillon Male
~Sanctuary Sammy (in GA) Dog - Papillon Male
~Sanctuary Truman(GA) Dog - Papillon Male
~Sanctuary Tuck (in GA) Dog - Papillon Male
~Sanctuary - Foxy (FL) Dog - Papillon / Mixed (medium coat) Male


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Your generous donations make it possible for us to help more Papillons in need of forever homes. 

Thank you for your help

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